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Sedentary life free essay sample

Many of the diseases which afflict people who do office jobs are the direct results of a sedentary lifestyle. Do you agree? That lack of activities in life contributes to many diseases is a fact. Nowadays, the image of office work as a safe and healthy occupation is destroyed. Many people have mentioned that office jobs and sedimentary-related diseases are inextricably linked together. While I accept that it may suit them, I believe that such illnesses are deeply rooted in poor general knowledge about health and it’s methods and also environmental pollutions in working places. Unfortunately, the rate at which the public knowledge grows is not as fast as health science. Due to some factors, such as poverty and poor educational strategies, many people are not aware of simple and appropriate methods of caring and prevention. Statistics show that more than sixty one percents of employers in offices who use computer and laptop frequently are not familiar with the best way of standing on chairs. We will write a custom essay sample on Sedentary life or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It would result in or has a high likelihood to result in back pain and more pressure on heart. As many researchers assert, teaching many scientific proofs about physical situations would be able to prevent many office related diseases. Another important factor which has many knock on effects on employers is the sort of pollution existing in work place atmosphere. Offices in big cities often located in noisy and polluted part of town, so that workers are working in a very dense and dirty area. As a result, in Berlin, planners had decided to decline the density of offices in certain are during ten years and had distributed them uniformly in the country. This plan not only yields to a better traffic situation in Berlin, but it also come to more healthy working environments. If planers provide more facilities and subsides on teaching healthy styles in working offices and have an appropriate intervention in deciding about office location, it is a reason to hope to have a more healthy office workers in our society. A sedentary lifestyle is a mode of living in which a person, an adult or child, does not engage in sufficient physical activity or exercise for what is generally considered healthy living. The term is often used by doctors or professionals within the medical community to describe a lifestyle among  many people in highly developed countries that does not afford them opportunities for physical activity. This type of living has been heavily influenced by the propagation of passive forms of entertainment, such as television, video games, and computer use. Along with such inactive types of entertainment, large numbers of adult workers have shifted from physical labor to office jobs, especially in technologically developed nations. Many studies conducted by doctors and researchers have indicated a variety of negative impacts on a person’s life due to living a sedentary lifestyle. Most common among them is increased weight gain and obesity and the accompanying health problems they can cause, such as heart disease, diabetes, and increased chances of certain types of cancer. Lack of exercise can also have a negative impact on a person’s immune system, which can create the possibility for even more negative health consequences. Living this type of lifestyle is not necessarily synonymous with laziness, since a person can be very busy with work and family but without inherent opportunities to exercise. Someone who works at a computer in an office, typically driving or riding in a motor vehicle to and from work, and coming home afterward to watch television or sit in front of a computer once more is likely to stay busy but still not find ways to remain physically active. This means it can be critically important for people who work in these types of careers to find other opportunities for physical activity. Finding ways to get exercise throughout the day, even for someone who works in an office or drives all day, is an essential part of breaking free from a sedentary lifestyle. This can include walking, running, or performing other exercises during breaks and lunchtime as well as finding opportunities for exercise throughout the day. Practices like using the stairs instead of an elevator, parking farther from work to have to walk a bit more each day, and exercising legs and arms even while sitting at a desk are all excellent ways for someone to increase his or her activity. prevention is better than cure essay That subject has a long history and nowadays, all persons who work as medical man choose prevention ways and suggest it to others. If weve look in narrow view to medical treatment history we found ,how many people lost their life just for unknowing a simple thing on infections and ways of affliction. for example a specimen of fever which called milk fever is infected from milk to body and make an agitation in digestion and nervous and defensive systems in the body,it can doesnt occur if we just boiled milk. In fact,Cure has divided in two categories,known cure treatment is belonged to the first category and second group is about the treatments is under discover processing treatment.but prevention ways is known for all of them and for avoiding afflicted with a disease we need to know just some aware which can get it from different ways like broadcasting,internet or directly from physicians. I believe government play an important role in ascending prevention culture,they can done it by investigating in medical centers for different purposes like making training course for persons who relevant to the sickness or sending trainer to far land or border area.Give budget for developing in medical research and encourage people who work in this part. Many countries have many people believe in traditional treatment instead of scientifically, in many cases neither of them doesnt has scientific basis, but it has been originating from our descendants knowledge, it mean they have test and check it on many people and their outcome can be use by medical doctor to examine and find new solutions on avoidance way or treatment.for an species it was fame from the past, it shouldnt ate melon with honey because it made disorder in digestion system. From the day we born we have thought to brush teeth twice a day, wash hands before every meal, not to eat uncovered food from roadside shops and stalls, drink boiled water and many more good habits. And every child has given vocational injections like â€Å"polio†, â€Å"rubella†. This is all because to prevent disease instead of curing it. There are many reasons why people tend to prevent instead of cure. One reason is that some illnesses can’t be cured. Disease like HIV AIDS, dengi has no cure. Dengi infect ease have to stop all their work and rest till it get cured by body itself but AIDS have  no cure at all. So in this prevention is the only option. When you get sick, you have to visit doctors, buy medicines, sometimes bed rest till you get full recovered. All These things cost your valuable time. So preventing from disease save your time instead of curing. If you get sick, you may have to visit doctors and most of the time you have to pay for it. Also you cost money for the medication you buy. So preventing not only save your time, but also your money. Preventing yourself from disease also help to stop them from spreading. Preventing yourself is very important in times that epidemic disease spread. It may help to stop another hundreds of people getting infected and also in a country like Sri Lanka where the resources are limited you may saving a bed for a another person. Preventing save your valuable time, money and it helps t o stop disease from spreading. It’s clear that prevention is always better than cure I certainly think it is very true that prevention is better than cure. When we speak of illnesses, the common cold and influenza, or flu, comes to mind immediately. These two illnesses can be prevented although many people think otherwise. To prevent falling ill easily, one has to first build up his immune system. To do that is not as difficult or impossible as many would think. To build up our immune system, we need to eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly. By eating well, it does not mean that one has to gorge oneself during each mean. Rather, it means he has to be more aware of what he eats. Put simply, it means he has to eat food that is beneficial to his body, namely those that contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fat necessary to keep him healthy. The amount a person requires form each groups depends greatly on his lifestyle. Thus, the diet of a person who does mainly sedentary work is different from that of a person who labours manually for the most part of the day. Sleep, as everyone knows, is important as it gives our bodies the rest that we need. We should try to sleep at least eight hours a day so that our tired bodies have enough time to recuperate and be ready for another day. Very often, a person thinks he can skip an hour or two a night to watch an exciting programme on television, or to finish a game on the computer. Little does he realize that by skipping an hour or two each evening, he is depriving his body of precious recuperating time. This time lost cannot be made up by extra sleeping hours at a later date. As time goes on, he grows more susceptible  to illnesses as his body becomes weaker from the lack of sleep. The next important thing to note is, of course, exercise. By exercising regularly, a person is building up resistance to viruses and bacteria that find easy prey in people who do not exercise. Thus, it is possible to prevent illnesses by building up a strong immune system though eating healthily, sleeping well and exercising regularly. Prevention implies to stop doing something. Cure means to find a solution. Man is prone to commit mistakes. Prevention is the shield which saves mankind from many disasters, chaos and destruction. Man can foresee the happenings of the future. He checks himself from doing anything wrong. We must measure very step we take. Cure involves much more effort and pain than what would needed to prevent a problem from affecting us. A cure is a blessing, but prevention is more than a blessing. It is better than cure. A wise act of cautious mind can check us from stepping into something wrong or dangerous. The act of right living makes everything possible. Living in the right sense means living judiciously, wisely and cautiously. Man has the knowledge of distinguishing between the right and the wrong, the good and the evil,. the safe and the dangerous. He can judge them and escape from dangers and difficulties before thy engulf him. Many fail to distinguish between them and find themselves trapped. Then they seek a cure. Prevention halts or obstructs the danger or evil etc, from the person before it overpowers him. It makes the person escape from it completely. Cure is a solution for the danger or evil which has already engulfed him. Hence, prevention is better than cure. A man is judged by his character and manners. His character can be easily polluted. Sometimes people happen to come in contact of bad people. This affects their life badly. They can become a slave to bad habits like smoking, drinking, gambling etc. They may create problems in his family affairs, health and finances. They can lead a healthy life if they avoid them and prevents themselves from falling into such habits. Prevention can be ensured by planning ahead. An unfortunate act can be avoided if planning is done well in advance. If you want to lose some weight, have a plan, if you want a new job, have a plan. Everything usually goes systematically if we plan for it earlier. The planned programme of vaccinating children well in time has led to the decrease of the incidence  of diseases like polio, measles, tetanus etc. Thus, vaccination can prevent in time will help in the . prevention of these diseases in time will help in the eradication of the same. It is also correct when it is said that we have to take risk or listen to our instincts at some level, but it is also a fact that we cannot take risk in some aspect of like education, finance, health etc. Any kind of carelessness in these aspects may cause destruction. So it is better to take all necessary precautions before hand. A healthy, balanced diet and daily exercise can prevent the risk of falling prey to obesity. The obesity diseases like heart ailments, diabetes, blood pressure ect can also be taken care of. Todays, AIDS is the most terrifying and deadly disease. AIDS in incurable but it is preventable. Millions of people are suffering from this dreadful disease. A negligent act can make one suffer from AIDS. The use of disposable needles, safe sex, tested donors blood to a recipient and loyalty t ones spouse can prevent one from getting infected by HIV. Preventive measures taken in other areas also lessen the intensity of suffering. Keeping an eye on market position can prevent stock broker and a share holder from an economical fall or financial catastrophe. Population control measures would lead to better living conditions. Better education system would result in well informed citizens taking right decisions. Dams can prevent the occurrence of flood. Weather forecasting helps people to take preventive measures against dangers like tsunami, cyclone etc. The new techniques of seismology has been introduced to forecast the earthquake. It helps us to take preventive measures. To know how to prevent, one needs to be alert. One should be very careful while doing something. We should start every work only after judging the pros and cons of that. It is better to avoid doing certain things, the benefits of which are not significant. By combining ones judgment and preventive abilities, one can lead a joyous and healthy life

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Woyzeck Essays

Woyzeck Essays Woyzeck Paper Woyzeck Paper The wise saying goes, â€Å"They do not have enough money for the funeral rites; God, let not the poor persons die!† Woyzeck is based on a true story. To meet the ends of justice, a poor person was executed for stabbing his wife, Marie, to death. This incident inspired Buchner to create an artistic masterpiece in the form of a drama. But not all the characters therein, are historical figures. Great personalities leave some or the other controversies behind them. Buchner is no exception. He died in 1837 even before giving the final shape to Woyzeck, and he left behind four unpolished manuscripts, that stand as witness to his creativity â€Å"Buchner suggests that, were they not poor and downtrodden, Woyzeck and Marie might be as great as the biblical figures with which he associates them. His allusions to Christ and Mary only heighten the sense that Woyzeck and Maries shameful actions are not part of their nature but rather, products of an unjust social structure.†(Grade Saver†¦) They say, â€Å"God loves those who die young.† This seems to be true about George Buchner (1813-1837).He died at the young age of 24.He was born in the small own of Goddelau, in Hessen, Gemany. His father was a rationalist and a scientist. When he was undergoing medical training at Strasbourg in 1831, he was secretly engaged to Minna Jaegle, the daughter of a pastor. From a political activist, his interest later turned to theatre. Woyzeck was his ultimate effort, where his political philosophy, spiritual inclinations with scientific approach is mirrored. Though not a playwright by profession, he is hailed as the provider of a great source for modern drama. Buchner was far ahead of his time and what he wrote is considered as all-time great. It has the universal appeal and transcends the narrow boundaries that restrict human thinking. â€Å"He is said to have precipitated in a wide and far-reaching array of literary movements including: Naturalism, Social Realism, Psychological Irrationalism, Expressionism, and Existential Theatre. As Herbert Lindenberger phrases it, he is perhaps the only German writer before our own [20th] century who speaks directly to our time without the need of mediation. George Buchner died of an undiagnosed fever, probably typhus, at the age of 23 on February 19, 1837.(Grade Saver: Classic Note†¦)â€Å"Many scholars consider the play the first modern drama, and mark it as the catalyst for countless theatrical movements, most notably Naturalism and the modern Theatre of the Absurd. Buchners biting social commentary in the play, which stemmed from his own political disillusionment, anticipates Karl Marxs theories although it rejects the possibility of revolution or a classless utopia.†(Schmidt, 1969) Woyzeck is the work of â€Å"psychological realism.† The uncertainty, about which one is the authentic version, provides a fertile field for the scholars to argue and counter-argue. As for every detail related to the play, they have disagreements. Whether it is order of the scenes, the ending, the scholars are baffled at Buchner’s style. Each scene is structurally independent. His approach and reaction to the social conditions prevailing then is cynical.   Most of the scholars agree that the scene where the Grandmother tells her ‘black fairy tale’ as the play’s thematic keystone. As many scholars, so many varied interpretations about Buchner’s beliefs, reasoning and mental make-upHe visualizes nothing but gloom and pessimism, disillusionment and solitude, the independent scenes succeed in building a coherent whole, the scientific approach, sharp social criticism and   the bold and dispassionate approach. Each character has the purpose and the essential dignity and at the same time they compliment and contrast the protagonist’s traits etc. That the scholars agree to disagree on many issues related to the play is the hall mark of the genius. Woyzech is a tough play to produce. Ingmar Bergman succeeded in his efforts to remove the blackouts in the play, by integrating the audience. â€Å"Austrian composer Alban Berg finished his opera version of the play, Wozzeck, in 1922, and it was first performed in 1925. In order to retain Buchners disjointed, melancholic feel, Berg makes extensive use of atonality and rejects the standard forms of aria and trio in favor of abstract instrumental music. Wozzeck has since become a standard and widely performed work in the world of opera. In addition, many film versions of the play have been produced, most notably Werner Herzogs 1979 version starring Klaus Kinski and Eva Mattes, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.† (Grade Saver: Full Summary-) What does the play mean to me? Woyzeck is the same old story through the ages-the struggle between the haves and the have-nots! I see this story as the hard depiction of the atrocities of the rich on the poor. The class conflicts and the belief of the rich that they are born to rule and the economically backward deserve ill treatment! Can one expect the leader representing such a class to be full of sweet emotions? Certainly not! He is ever ready to hit back, on behalf of his class, the rich and the haughty, those who conduct the show of systematic debasement and spiritually murder the downtrodden. E. F. Schumacher, in his book â€Å"Small is beautiful† goes to the root cause of this never ending conflict between the rich and the poor. â€Å"The existence of inordinate rich people in any society today is a very great evil. Some inequalities of wealth and income are no doubt ‘natural’ and functionally justifiable. Excessive wealth, like power, tends to corrupt. Even if the rich are not ‘i dle rich,’ even when they work harder than anyone else, they work differently; apply different standards, and are set apart from common humanity. They corrupt themselves by practicing greed and they corrupt the rest of the society by provoking envy.†(Schumacher, 1977, Back Cover†¦) Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! Study the attitude of the Drum Major. Even the rustic Marie, when it comes to describe the animal instincts of her latest lover, the Drum Major uses the phrases like, â€Å"He stands on his feet like a lion(scene II) and the more close and intimate description, â€Å" a chest like a bull and a beard like a lion.†(Scene VI). The street-fighter’s image in the Drum Major is showing, when he describes Marie at the first sight of her, that she is â€Å"good enough for the propagation of cavalry regiments and the breeding of drum majors!†(Scene III) He addresses her as if he is the ultimate authority on her personal life, when he calls her â€Å"You wildcat!†(Scene VI).How can a man bear his woman’s infidelity? Woyzeck is totally frustrated and in great anguish he says, Why doesnt God blow out the sun so that everything can roll around in lust, man and woman, man and beast. Theyll do it in broad day light; theyll do it on our hands, like flies. (Scene XI). Animal imagery especially surrounds Woyzeck himself, in his interactions with the characters who oppress and dehumanize him. The Captain ridicules this poor soldier with meanness about Marie’s unfaithfulness. As Woyzeck rushes our, he says, â€Å"that tall rascal takes off like the shadow before a spider.†(Scene IX).The Doctor is even more ruthless on Woyzeck. The Doctor throws a cat from his window, and when Woyzeck catches it, observes, â€Å"The fellow holds onto the beast s tenderly, like it was his own grandmother!† The so-called higher class of the society like the Captain, the Drum Major and the Doctor speaking mean language indicates the level of the morals prevailing in the society then. My approach to the play as the playwright: The important part of the play is the play- writer and his script. The characters are brought to life by the intelligent scriptwriter of the play. Whether minor or major, the characters need to speak appropriate to the occasion, and contribute to the continuity of the play. The main problem with Woyzeck has been its disjointedness. Blackouts have no place in a well-knit play. Those who addressed to this problem have successfully staged the play. The technique employed by Ingmar Bergman to keep a lively interaction between the audience and the actors of the play contribute to the success of the play. A good script can only strike the homogenous balance between the actors and the audience. Whatever is the time, whatever is the period, the two constant factors in a play are the actors (in the broad sense, they can be musicians and instrument players) in the play and the audience. It is the duty and skill of the former to keep the later pleased, as their report counts for demand of more and more repeat performances of the play. As a playwright, I have enough scenes that can be depicted with telling effect and make the audience rise on their toes. For example, unable to bear the mental torture from his superior authorities, Woyzeck becomes like the captain in a hapless shipwreck. He loses his mental balance and throws up the towel and stops thinking. Obviously his mind does not work and he is an emotional burden to himself. He gives into hallucinations. He hears the ground whispering,† stab stab the bitch to death? Stab stab the bitch to death. Do I hear it over there, is the wind saying it too? It goes on and on stab her to death to death. (Scene XII) â€Å"According to Buchner, the poor are the purest class because they are untainted by pretension and laziness. Even though this also makes them unrefined and animalistic, it is preferable to the kind of stuffy inaction or moral depravity represented by the middle-class figures like the Captain, Doctor, and Drum-Major. Woyzecks poverty also connects him more deeply to the character of Christ; after all, the latter was a humble carpenter who was still capable of the greatest and holiest things.† (Grade Saver: Woyzeck –Full Summary†¦) I entirely agree with the observations of Buchner in the play. When the society is ruled by greed and envy of the middle and rich class, the poor can not be their competitors. From where would the poor get the fighting spirit when curry for the night is worry for the morning and tomorrow’s bread is not assured from today’s labor! When their individual dignity stands punctured at every level and every stage of their lives! The poor are the practical people and they are the purest class. They are not lazy and bifacial. But to live in perennial poverty is the root cause of their emotional suffering and criminal tendencies.

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Unity in Paragraphs and Essays

Unity in Paragraphs and Essays In composition, unity is the quality of oneness in a paragraph or essay that results when all the words and sentences contribute to a single effect or main idea; also called wholeness. For the past two centuries, composition handbooks have insisted that unity is an essential characteristic of an effective text. Professor Andy Crockett points out that the five-paragraph theme and  current-traditional rhetorics emphasis on method reflect further the expediency and utility of unity. However, Crockett also notes that for rhetoricians, the achievement of unity has never been taken for granted (Encyclopedia of Rhetoric and Composition, 1996.) Pronunciation YOO-ni-tee Etymology From the Latin, one. Observations Most pieces of effective writing are unified around one main point. That is, all the subpoints and  supporting details are relevant to that point. Generally, after you have read an essay, you can sum up the writers main point in a sentence, even if the author has not stated it explicitly. We call this summary statement a thesis. (X. J. Kennedy, Dorothy M. Kennedy, and Marcia F. Muth, The Bedford Guide for College Writers, 8th ed. Bedford/St. Martins, 2008)Unity and CoherenceA good check on unity is to ask yourself if everything in your paragraph or essay is subordinate to and derived from the controlling idea. Make sure that your controlling idea- the topic sentence or thesis- indicates the subject and the focus on that subject...​ (Lee Brandon and Kelly Brandon, Paragraphs and Essays With Integrated Readings, 12th ed. Wadsworth, 2012) Rules of Thumb for Writing Unified Paragraphs Be sure your paragraphs focus on one idea and state that idea in a topic sentence.Place your topic sentence effectively within your paragraph. Let the purpose of your paragraph and the nature of your evidence guide you.Let your paragraphs evidence- the selected details, the examples- illustrate or clarify the idea expressed in your topic sentence.Make sure you explain the relationship between your evidence and your idea so that it is clear to readers.Think about unity among paragraphs when writing essays. Be sure your paragraphs are related, that they fit together and clarify your essays idea.​ (R. DiYanni, Scribner Handbook for Writers. Allyn Bacon, 2001) A Note on Topic Sentences Paragraphs may not have a topic sentence, but they must have unity and purpose. All the ideas in a paragraph should relate to a clear point readers will easily understand. (Mark Connelly, Get Writing: Paragraphs and Essays. Thomson Wadsworth, 2009) Counterviews on Unity Unity is the shallowest, the cheapest deception of all composition... Every piece of writing, it matters not what it is, has unity. Inexpert or bad writing most terribly so. But ability in an essay is a multiplicity, infinite fracture, the intercrossing of opposed forces establishing any number of opposed centres of stillness.(William Carlos Williams, An Essay on Virginia, 1925)

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Economic Opportunities Available for African American Women Essay

Economic Opportunities Available for African American Women - Essay Example Both males and females of African ancestry often face discrimination in different aspects of their lives, ranging from educational opportunities to provision of healthcare services and employment in the labor market. Extensive research has been conducted to shed more light on various impacts of racial and gender discrimination, such as low self-esteem, poor performance of students at schools and employees at the workplace, as well as and low economic growth and development. Blacks also have greater health issues such as prolonged depression, increased suicides, more AIDS and a reduced sense of personal achievement, along with a much higher death rate for many of the leading causes of premature demise (Williams 2001). Many research studies have also been conducted to determine the best possible solutions to solve problems related to these effects of discrimination. However, very little research has ever been conducted to determine how racial and gender discrimination has adversely aff ected the economic capabilities of African-American women. With this in mind, this research study hypothesizes that gender and race are the major sources of discrimination and have the most difficult effects on the economic capabilities of African-American women. ... A new aim of recent research studies by economists studying the labor market has been to determine the implications of racial discrimination for victims and other members of that particular race. For example, racial discrimination against African-Americans is known to reduce possibilities of employment in many multinational organizations. Furthermore, previous studies have found that discrimination mostly results from gender differences, amongst other factors. However, these past research studies have failed to determine the various effects of racial and gender discrimination on economic opportunities available to African-American women. Therefore, there is a great need to study the adverse effects of discrimination on economic opportunities available to African-American women. Sellers and Shelton (2008) argue that African-American women are at greater risk of gender discrimination due to social stereotypes, unequal income distribution, limited rights to productive inputs, such as cr edit facilities or financial loans, property ownership, and management of earned income as well as other race-related biases. By definition, racial discrimination refers to an act of maltreating an individual or a group of individuals based on their race. For example, an African-American woman may not be warmly welcomed in activities of a local church that is dominated by white Americans due to her skin color. Puhl et al.’s (2008) definition of racial discrimination usually includes distinction, restriction, or preference of an individual based on his or her skin color, race, or ethnic origin. This paper aims to examine what the effects of discrimination based on gender and race is like for

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Health Administarion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 12

Health Administarion - Essay Example When the information is released publicly and available for scrutiny by various people, it improves the quality of the health care organization even more due to the lack of secrecy. It also enables trust to be built between the public and the health care organization staff which is necessary health care service deliveries (Green and Bowie, 34). With public release of such sensitive information, there is a likelihood of the privacy of the organization’s privacy being breached. This is especially so when the quality measurement data released is done so electronically due to the hacking into the systems once there results are made available to the general public. Privacy is important and especially concerning health records and hence breach is very risky (Green and Bowie, 108). The other risk is that the reception of the data may be the opposite of the expectation. If the quality measurement report is too superb and opposite of what is the reality in most health care organizations, the report may be jeered and the trust between the organization and the public ends up widening, hence the quality ends up dwindling even

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You Are an Investment Analyst Essay Example for Free

You Are an Investment Analyst Essay History â€Å"Brad’s drink† was created in the summer of 1893 by pharmacist Caleb Bradham of New Bern, North Carolina. The drink was renamed Pepsi Cola in 1898, after pepsin and cola nuts were used in the recipe. Also in 1898, Caleb Bradham wisely bought the trade name Pep Cola for $100 from a competitor from Newark, New Jersey that had gone broke. The new name was trademarked on June 16th, 1903. Bradhams neighbor, an artist designed the first Pepsi logo and ninety-seven shares of stock for Bradhams new company were issued (Bellis, 2012). After seventeen years of success, Caleb Bradham lost Pepsi Cola. He had gambled on the fluctuations of sugar prices during W.W.I, believing that sugar prices would continue to rise but they fell instead leaving Caleb Bradham with an overpriced sugar inventory. Pepsi Cola went bankrupt in 1923. In 1931, Pepsi Cola was bought by the Loft Candy Company Loft president, Charles G. Guth who reformulated the popular soft drink. Guth struggled to make a success of Pepsi and even offered to sell Pepsi to the Coca-Cola company, who refused to offer a bid (Bellis, 2012). In May, 1886, Coca Cola was invented by Doctor John Pemberton a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia. The soft drink was first sold to the public at the soda fountain in Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta on May 8, 1886. About nine servings of the soft drink were sold each day. Sales for that first year added up to a total of about $50. The funny thing was that it cost John Pemberton over $70 in expanses, so the first year of sales were a loss (Bellis, 2012). In 1887, another Atlanta pharmacist and businessman, Asa Candler bought the formula for Coca Cola from inventor John Pemberton for $2,300. By the late 1890s, Coca Cola was one of America’s most popular fountain drinks, largely due to Candler’s aggressive marketing of the product. With Asa Candler, now at the helm, the Coca Cola Company increased syrup sales by over 4000% between 1890 and 1900. Until the 1960s, both small town and big city dwellers enjoyed carbonated beverages at the local soda fountain or ice cream saloon. Often housed in the drug store, the soda fountain counter served as a meeting place for people of all ages. Often combined with lunch counters, the soda fountain declined in popularity as commercial ice cream, bottled soft drinks, and fast food restaurants became popular (Bellis, 2012). Products and Services PepsiCo is a global food and beverage leader with a diverse product portfolio that includes 22 brands that each generate more than $1 billion each in annual retail sales. Pepsi-Cola North America is the refreshment beverage unit of PepsiCo, Inc., in the United States and Canada. Its U.S. brands include Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, SoBe, AMP Energy, IZZE, Naked Juice, Propel, Mug, and Aquafina, among others. The company also makes and markets North America’s best-selling ready-to-drink iced teas and coffees, respectively, via joint ventures with Lipton and Starbucks (PepsiCo, 2012). Frito-Lay North America is the $13 billion convenient foods business unit of PepsiCo. For more than 75 years, Frito Lay has enjoyed growing the best snacks on earth starting with simple, farm-grown ingredients. To continue growing the best snacks on earth, they are working to reduce their impact on the environment by improving how they make their snacks. Frito-Lay is also dedicated to giving consumers a wider range of healthier choices. They offer great-tasting chips with less fat through their Baked! Line and snacks made only from natural ingredients, which contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives with their Natural line. All of their snack chips contain 0 grams of trans fat (PepsiCo, 2012). Tropicana Products, Inc., a division of PepsiCo, Inc., is the leading producer and marketer of branded fruit juices. Tropicana markets its products in the U.S. under a variety of brand names, including the Tropicana not-from-concentrate line of juices: Dole ® juices and juice blends; Tropicana ® Juices, Trop50 and Tropicana Twister ® juice beverages. The Dole brand name is licensed from Dole Food Company, Inc. (PepsiCo, 2012). Quaker brands have been around for over a century. They are symbols of quality, great taste, and nutrition. Holding No.1 positions in their respective categories are favorites such as Quaker Oats, Quake r Rice Cakes, Chewy Granola Bars and Rice-A-Roni ®. With its Aunt Jemima ® brand, Quaker is also a leading manufacturer of pancake syrups and mixes. It is among the four largest manufacturers of cold cereals with popular brands like Cap’n Crunch ® and Life ® (PepsiCo, 2012). Available in more than 80 countries, Gatorade’s line of performance drinks adds over 45 years of rehydration and sports nutrition research to the PepsiCo portfolio. In early summer of 1965, a University of Florida assistant football coach sat down with a team of university physicians and asked them to determine why so many of his players were being affected by heat and heat-related illnesses. The researchers Dr. Robert Cade, Dr. Dana Shires, Dr. H. James Free and Dr. Alejandro de Quesada soon discovered two key factors that were causing the Gator players to â€Å"wilt†: the fluids and electrolytes the players lost through sweat were not being replaced, and the large amounts of carbohydrates the players’ bodies used for energy were not being replenished (PepsiCo, 2012). The researchers then took their findings into the lab, and scientifically formulated a new, precisely balanced carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage that would adequately replace the key components lost by Gator players through sweating and exercise. They called their concoction â€Å"Gatorade.† After years of careful research by the staff at GSSI into the needs of athletes engaged in high-demand training and competition, Gatorade launched the Gatorade Performance Series, an elite line of sports nutrition products, in 2001. These products include Gatorade Energy Drink, Gatorade Energy Bar, and the Gatorade Nutrition Shake (PepsiCo, 2012). Four years later, after studying endurance athletes, GSSI developed the Gatorade Endurance Formula. Featuring a higher concentration of sodium the key electrolyte found in Original Thirst Quencher and four other electrolytes lost in sweat, Gatorade Endurance Formula became a mainstay on racetracks the world over (PepsiCo, 2012). The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than 500 sparkling and still brands. Led by Coca-Cola, the world’s most valuable brand, our Company’s portfolio features 15 billion dollar brands including Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Coca-Cola Zero, vitaminwater, Powerade, Minute Maid, Simply, Georgia and Del Valle. Globally, we are the No. 1 provider of sparkling beverages, ready-to-drink coffees, and juices and juice drinks. Through the world’s largest beverage distribution system, consumers in more than 200 countries enjoy our beverages at a rate of 1.8 billion servings a day. With an enduring commitment to building sustainable communities, our Company is focused on initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint, support active, healthy living, create a safe, inclusive work environment for our associates, and enhance the economic development of the communities where we operate. Together with our bottling partners, we rank among the world’s top 10 private employers with more than 700,000 system employees (Coca-Cola Journey, 2012 ). Major Customers PepsiCo is proud to offer consumers a wide range of products that deliver great taste, nutritional value, convenience and affordability. They’re committed to playing a responsible role in health and wellness by encouraging consumers to adopt healthy lifestyles, beginning with offering consumers a choice of a wide variety of products. PepsiCo is always finding innovative ways to reduce the use of energy, water and packaging, and to better serve consumer wants and needs through new products and packaging. Through continuously expand their distribution network to make their enjoyable products more widely available. PepsiCo works relentlessly to improve productivity so they can offer affordable products to a broad range of consumers (PepsiCo, 2012). Coca-Cola system is a global business that operates on a local scale, in every community where we do business. Coca-Cola is able to create global reach with local focus because of the strength of the Coca-Cola system, which comprises our Company and our nearly 300 bottling partners worldwide (Coca-Cola Journey, 2012 ). While many view our Company as simply â€Å"Coca-Cola,† our system operates through multiple local channels. Our Company manufactures and sells concentrates, beverage bases and syrups to bottling operations, owns the brands and is responsible for consumer brand marketing initiatives. Our bottling partners manufacture, package, merchandise and distribute the final branded beverages to our customers and vending partners, who then sell our products to consumers (Coca-Cola Journey, 2012 ). Major Suppliers Since 2007, PepsiCo has employed a Supplier Code of Conduct (ScoC) globally. The PepsiCo Supplier Code of Conduct communicates our global expectations in the areas of labor practices, associate health and safety, environmental management and business integrity (PepsiCo, 2012). Our Supplier Code is based on the International Labor Organization, United Nations Global Compact and other internationally recognized standards. The ScoC includes 13 standards that require suppliers to adhere to the following: basic compliance with local law, respect for human rights and prohibiting all forms of forced or compulsory labor, ensuring no child labor is used, and cooperating with reasonable assessment processes requested by PepsiCo. The ScoC is communicated in 19 languages, and is mandatory in procurement contracts globally (PepsiCo, 2012). Our suppliers and business partners are vital to our continued success. They help us refresh the world, more than 1.7 billion times every day, by delivering necessary products and services for our business (Coca-Cola Journey, 2012 ). Having a sound, stable and ethical supply base is important for our growth and the footprint we leave in local communities around the world. Our suppliers provide our system with materials, including ingredients, packaging and machinery, as well as goods and services. As a company, we have a responsibility to hold our direct suppliers and bottling partners to standards no less than those required by applicable law. We also have an opportunity to support community development by purchasing goods and services from minority- and women-owned business enterprises (MWBEs) (Coca-Cola Journey, 2012 ). Our suppliers are expected, at a minimum, to conduct business in an ethical manner and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Our Supplier Guiding Principles (SGPs) communicate our values and expectations for our bottling partners and business partners. The SGPs are a part of all supplier agreements, and a pre-certification practice is in place for trademark marketing suppliers. Suppliers also are provided training and assistance programs on an as-needed basis for areas where they need to improve their operations (Coca-Cola Journey, 2012 ). Leadership In 2010, PepsiCo created the Global Sustainability team, whose role is to develop, implement and enforce standards to ensure consistency and quality in our sustainability reporting and ultimately accelerate our Performance with Purpose mission (PepsiCo, 2012). More specifically, an overall governance structure has been defined and implemented. This includes the creation of the Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC), made up of the most senior members of the organization (the majority report directly to our CEO), as well as the establishment of Sustainability Leadership Teams across all four planks, based on defined roles and selection criteria, and guided by PepsiCo’s Public Policy Coordinating Group (PepsiCo, 2012). The Performance Sustainability Leadership Team (PSLT), Human Sustainability Leadership Team (HSLT), Environmental Sustainability Leadership Team (ESLT) and Talent Sustainability Leadership Team (TSLT) are responsible for creating our overall strategy, driving implementation and identifying issues/risks, which are then communicated to the Sustainability Steering Committee (PepsiCo, 2012). Since our first soda fountain sales in 1886, we have been a driver of marketplace innovation and an investor in local economies. Today we lead the beverage industry with more than 500 beverage brands – including four of the world’s top-five sparkling brands. But while our business opportunities are enormous, our commitment to our consumers and the communities in which we operate is even greater (Coca-Cola Journey, 2012 ). Muhtar Kent, our Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, leads us into the new century with a firm commitment to the values and spirit of the world’s greatest brand. In our journey to become a sustainable, profitable growth company, our management structure has evolved to sharpen external focus on the marketplace with greater speed, productivity and effectiveness (Coca-Cola Journey, 2012 ). Initial Public Offering An initial public offering yesterday by Pepsi Bottling Group Inc. provided a stark contrast to the pyrotechnics of recent Internet offerings. In a spinoff from its parent company, PepsiCo Inc., Pepsi Bottling sold 100 million shares at $23 each, for a total of $2.3 billion, which will be used to pay off debt. The initial offering price was settled at the low end of the estimated range of $23 to $26, an indication that prepricing demand was less than the company had anticipated. The stock closed at $21.6875 on the New York Stock Exchange. Analysts were quick to distinguish Pepsi Bottling Group’s offering from the string of highly successful recent Internet deals, whose phenomenal openings have conditioned investors into expecting huge first-day gains (Pepsi Spinoff in Lackluster Stock Offering, 1999). Initial public offering involves the first or initial sale of the corporation’s common shares to the public in the hope of raising additional revenues for the corporation. If you will apply in on the case of Coca Cola, the worldwide manufacturing and distribution of their carbonated drink products is the result of their IPO, which happened in 1919. A single share of Coca Cola is worth $40 dollars, yet the market value of their shares suddenly crashed to $19 per common share in 1920 (when they have undergone a secondary market offering). Despite of such crash in the market value of their common shares, Coca Cola managed to survive and extend operations to different regions around the world, particularly within the Asian and European regions. Different corporate entities later on affiliated with Coca Cola to further boost their revenue generation capabilities (Interesting Initial Public Offering of the Coca Cola Company and Its Worldwide Affiliate Units, 2010).

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Everyone Should Go to the County Fair! :: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays

Everyone Should Go to the County Fair! If you've been to the County Fair before, there's no reason for you to keep reading this. You already know how much fun it is. You don't need to be convinced. You're already going back. You can stop reading right now, go buy your pre-sale tickets, and get the car packed up and ready to go. But you, yes, you, what's your excuse for not having been to the past 156 County Fairs? Oh, "I wasn't born 156 years ago," you say? That's no excuse. You're just going to have to go to this year's Fair to make amends. After all, there are more reasons to go to the Fair than there are to stay home. Of course, there are the classic reasons for going to the Fair: the dozens of rides and attractions along the mile-long midway; the incredible variety of food and drink available; the many hands-on livestock exhibits; the opportunity to make hundreds of little goldfish paranoid by hurling plastic projectiles into their bowls; and, of course, the wide variety of special events. If you've been to the Fair before and are reading this article anyway, you may as well keep reading to see what's new. Quite a few things are swinging at the Fair this year, and that's not just a poor attempt at sounding "hip." You can, for instance, start by swinging to the tunes of the Artie Shaw Orchestra, the band that helped shape the musical standards of the Big Band era. They'll be performing a free concert in the Music Dome from August 12th to 16th at 7 pm. If you're looking for a more daring kind of swinging, head over to watch the Incredible Nocks, a husband and wife daredevil team performing free daily shows at the Old Fashioned One-Ring Circus. Finally, if swinging people aren't your style, you can check out some swinging of axes at the World Champion Lumberjacks Show, also performing free daily shows. I know, by now, all this talk of swinging has made you dizzy, and you want to go and check out the "tamer" animal-oriented events, right? Well, there are plenty of new attractions this year, starting with the presentation of the Hawthorn White Tigers, 15 rare endangered animals which are non-existent in the wild. Then there is the all new Shark Show, featuring live sharks, a diver, plenty of educational content, dramatic lighting, smoke effects, and Jaws music! Better practice saying "You're gonna need a bigger boat" in your best old salt voice.

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Human motivation in the professional setting Essay

Consider these two findings of a classical management experiment by David McClelland on developing achievement motivation (1965): 1) Not all management programs automatically lead to improved performance. This was important to know. There is a viewpoint in psychology which states that the positive effects of such courses are largely due to suggestion, or to the â€Å"power of positive thinking†; and according to this view it would not be achievement motivation training as such that produced the effect we secured; any training promoted as convincingly would work as well. Yet the participants in the company course did not do as well, despite the fact that, if anything, it had a more solid company support – all of which argued against this viewpoint. 2) Our experiment showed its effects only in comparison with a course that seemed to slow people down. This strongly suggested that we ought to be trying it in a less achievement-oriented environment if we wanted to find more dramatic effects. To a certain extent we were only â€Å"gilding the lily† in trying to make the executives of this high-pressure firm more achievement-oriented. Citing psychology as basis, let me leave McClelland’s assertions and get to that field of social science. We know that motivation directs behavior towards a particular incentive that produces pleasure or alleviates an unpleasant state. In other words, incentive motivation is characterized by affect, the production of pleasure or displeasure. Early psychologists argued that almost every sensation we have contains some degree of reward or displeasure. This might explain why the new participants in the McClelland experiments fared well and better than those who were originally from the company. The second point of conclusion explains that the original company participants were already used to the environment and the rigors of the experiment provided an additional push to the already rigorous environment. Human Motivation in the Human Setting Page 2 In addition to this, it will be worthwhile to take another answer to the perennial question: How do you install a generator in an employee? A brief review of Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene theory of job attitudes is required before theoretical and practical suggestions can be offered. The findings of those experiments and studies, along with the corroboration from many other investigations using different procedures, suggest that the factors involved in producing job satisfaction (and motivation) are separate and distinct from the factors that lead to job dissatisfaction. Since separate factors need to be considered, depending on whether job satisfaction or job dissatisfaction is being examined, it follows that these two feelings are not opposites of each other. The opposite of job satisfaction is not job dissatisfaction, but rather no job satisfaction; and similarly, the opposite of job dissatisfaction is not job satisfaction, but no job dissatisfaction. Two sets of different needs of man are involved here. One set of needs can be thought as stemming from his animal nature – the built-in drive to avoid pain from the environment, plus all the learned drives which become conditioned to the basic biological needs. For example, hunger, a basic biological drive, makes it necessary to earn money, and then money becomes a specific drive. The other set of needs relates to that unique human characteristic, the ability to achieve and, through achievement, to experience psychological growth. The stimuli for the growth needs are tasks that induce growth; in the industrial setting, they are the job content. Contrariwise, the stimuli inducing pain-avoidance behavior are found in the job environment. To illustrate, a typical response involving achievement that had a negative effect for the employee was, â€Å"I was unhappy because I didn’t do the job successfully. † A typical response in the positive side, on the other hand was, â€Å"I was happy because the company reorganized the section so that I didn’t report any longer to the guy I didn’t go along with. † Human Motivation in the Human Setting Page 3 What then should the manager do? To answer this question, let me get back to the thesis of McClelland (1965). He outlines four major techniques: 1. Goal Setting – McClelland stresses the involvement of considerable goal setting. In an organization, employees get motivated as they come to embrace the same goals set in the organization. Aside from the function of motivation, it also keeps the people intact and together. Goals can then be developed from the general to the specific. 2. Language of achievement – the point here is to develop the â€Å"achievement syndrome. † â€Å"This part,† says McClelland â€Å"deals specifically with having the individual learn to think, talk, act, and perceive others like a person with a high achievement motive†¦In short, the participant learns to use the language of achievement so that it colors his experience in every day life. † 3. Cognitive Supports – In brief, the employee needs to have a logical environment, a good self-image, and a thing that he/she will value for life. These will motivate a person to perform better. 4.and lastly, Group Supports – the people around the person must provide emotional stability and support for the growth of a person. Respect and acceptability is the key for this last facet. Human Motivation in the Human Setting. BIBLIOGRAPHY Baldwin, C. (1966). The Functions of the Executive. Cambridge, Harvard University Press. Maslow, A. H. (1943). â€Å"A Preface to Motivation Theory† Psychosomat. Med. Vol. 5 McClelland, D. C. (1965). â€Å"Achievement Motivation can be Developed† Harvard Business Review. Harvard College.

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Run Forrest

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-ND This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NDRun Forrest, Run! Movie critical analysis paper. James Bilesimo | Developmental Psychology | 3/19/18A Psychological Analysis of Forrest Gump. The movie Forrest Gump tells a story of a simple man and his journey through life. Forrest Gump's story takes place during a time of historical significance in our country, The United States of America. His story began in the 1950's, and ran through the 1970's. This was a period in our country where morality, and equality had come to be questioned for the first time since our country broke away from its European roots, and won its independence on July 04, 1776. The American culture and its society would be changed forever over this twenty-year course. Forrest Gump is very simple-minded man who lives his life by a set of values forever instilled in him by his mother. Early in the movie when Forrest was just a young boy, he was found to be physically handicapped forcing Forrest to wear braces (also known as foot abduction braces) on his legs. Forrest Gump also had an IQ of just seventy-five, he would now have to endure a life time of critical judgements from peers and adults alike. Forrest Gump had a very loving, and caring mother who helped him develop a deep, strong sense of â€Å"self† with her wisdom, and straight forwardness. Because of his mother's strong guidance during his early stages of life, he is able to overcome his physical handicap, and achieve his highest quality of life by doing what many people only dream of; Forrest Gump became a famous runner, football player, business owner, and war time hero. The story that this movie tells us, is a great example of how a child's mind develops through a series of stages, and through these stages they can construct their understanding of the world we live in by interacting with it. Jean Paiget developed four stages of cognitive development, which begin at birth, and span well into adulthood. Heading 2 You might like the photo on the cover page as much as we do, but if it's not ideal for your report, it's easy to replace it with your own.Just delete the placeholder picture. Then, on the Insert tab, click Picture to select one from your files.

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Identity And Unity Among The Colonies essays

Identity And Unity Among The Colonies essays The American Revolution was an event that could only have happened under certain crucial circumstances. Britains taxation of the colonies as a way of paying their war debts reinforced an emerging sense of American identity and helped to precipitate the American Revolution. Resistance to the crown became more and more common as the years went by, and these minor inconveniences eventually led to the birth of a new nation. By the eve of the Revolution, the colonists had established a deep sense of identity, and although numerous Americans were united against Britain, many remained loyal to the crown. The unique identity of the American colonies became more obvious to everyone as the events leading up to the Revolution took place. Edmund Burke, an English statesman, refers to the American colonies as a great and growing people spread over a vast quarter of the globe. This shows the American identity being drafted; being molded not only from the colonists, but from the observations of foreign people. The colonies distance from Britain also affected their identity. The colonies were far enough away that England had little or no influence of American society. This allowed them to grow as a separate nation secluded from Britains societies and cultures. Another example of the emerging American identity comes from a French settler named Hector St. John Crvecoeur who states that an American is either an European, or the descendant of an European, hence that strange mixture of blood which you will find in no other country. This is showing how America contains a unique people with unique customs and beliefs. Crvecoeur goes on to say that an American becomes an American by being received in the broad lap of our great Alma Mater. This again reinforces the unique identity of Americans, and mentions an Alma Mater, implying a unique culture in the colonies. ...

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Production analysis and strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Production analysis and strategy - Essay Example sand units every day, our production strategy was diverted to other initiatives to ensure profitability; we commenced carefully controlling prices, intensified marketing & product promotion and more importantly also concentrated on repaying our loan. Improvements in the lean manufacturing were particularly useful when we needed to switch production and therefore expended some significant amounts on the strategy. There were very few changeovers; we switched to the production of 500g varieties. Lean manufacturing also played an advantageous role by allowing the exploitation less competitive areas quicker than the other companies. We also spent a lot on production which translated to a high capacity in production; eventually this was one of our greatest competitive edge as compared to the other firms in the market place. When competition started cutting into our margins, we were able to maintain volumes in sales thanks to our strategies of continued diversification, investment in marketing & product promotion and strategic pricing. We therefore maintained a steady production and sales volumes despite the entry of other firms in the market. A critical factor in our strategy was production capacity; a steady and increasing production capacity gave us the much needed economies of scale. We managed therefore to spread costs through higher production capacities with net effect of reduced cost of production. With the increasing production capacity and reducing costs of production our team should be able to keep up with customer demands and also venture into new markets. Strategic gaps can be seen more especially with the decreasing production capacities of team D and this is therefore a potential markets for future entry. In the framework of VRIN analysis, our production capacity proved to have a very high value as it presented us with a unique opportunity to venture into underserved markets. We therefore were in a position give value to customers by ensuring their

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Experiment 2 Resonant circuit Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Experiment 2 Resonant circuit - Lab Report Example However, this current if often affected by several other factors both from within the connection itself and from without i.e. from the external environment. Impedance, the vector sum of reactance and resistance, describes the phase difference and the ratio of amplitudes between sinusoidally varying voltage and sinusoidally varying current at a given frequency. Fourier analysis allows any signal to be constructed from a spectrum of frequencies, whence the circuit's reaction to the various frequencies may be found. This paper will look at the measurement/ the process of determining the amount of current flowing through an electric circuit by use of a resonator. This is done by analyzing the frequencies of the resonation reflected on the resonator. The level of current transmitted by different sources of power differs depending on the voltage capacity of the source. Sources with higher voltage will result in the increase in the amount of current flowing through the circuit when the loop is closed and the low voltage sources will as well result into low current flowing within the circuit. When the connection is terminated, the current ceases to flow and the charge stored in the capacitor is lost (as the capacitor discharges) (Hammond). Besides, the resonant is used to establish the amount of charge radiated into the capacitor during charging and the amount/ rate of loss of charges over time as the capacitor discharges. The experiment was carried out by setting up a circuit connection off with an AC power source as the source of current transmitted through the circuit and the two nodes X and Y connected to the resonator. These nodes reflect the frequency of the current flowing through the circuit as reflected in the wavelengths on the resonator. When the circuit is closed, current flows through it and the wavelengths of the current shown on the resonator, contrary, when the circuit is broken, the current cease to low and the waves ceases to be transmitted across the circuit. This is indicated by the cession in the projection of the waves on the resonator and the cession of the resonation capacity of the resonator. Certain physical factors are used to determine this variation in the flow of current. These include the amplitude, a, of the waves transmitted through the circuit and the wavelength, ?, of the waves produced as current flows through the connection. While the amplitude of the current shown on the resonator indicates the amount of current passed across at any given instance, the frequency of these wavelengths qualifies the voltage of the power source. The principles mused in this experiment is that of the flow of current in an electric circuit determined by the power source. That the higher the power voltage, the higher the amount of current flowing through the circuit and vice versa. The capacitance of the capacitors is then determined to indicate the amount of charge stored in the capacitors. This capacitance varies from time to time depending on the voltage strength of the power source. The total capacitance of the device that resonates with the inductance of the winding tested is the distributed capacitance; Cd. Experience shows that this result is considered axiomatic by many Engineers. (Hammond) This experiment id very important for electricians and engineers as it helps them the determine with rather accuracy the